Saturday, February 02, 2008

Taking matters into his own hands

I often let Henry do things that I later regret. Sometimes I come to that stage on my own, sometimes when Adam comes home and sees him doing it.

We have one of those Poland Spring water coolers smack in the middle of our kitchen. I discovered early on that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep Henry away from it. I never managed to get any sort of locking device so I figured the best way to make it less tempting would be to let Henry use it.

We play all sorts of games with it, but suffice it to say Henry drinks more water than is probably normal. His most favorite game is to walk up to it and I fill his cup with just a little bit and he drinks it. Mind you this is a cup with no lid (bad idea #147). He can do this ten or fifteen times before he gets bored or soaks his clothing.

Recently, he has discovered a very efficient way to get my attention. If I am doing anything other than carrying him around and covering him with kisses he is unsatisfied. Either he bangs on our coffee table with a hard object like the phone, thereby denting it or he marches into the kitchen and holds the water tap down. I am first alerted by the fact that he is being to quiet and then by the sound of water hitting the floor. Even though we don't live in a big place he usually manages to create quite the spill by the time I get there.

I recently discovered that now possesses the dexterity to hold his cup (he now screams if I put a lid on his cup) and activate the water tap at the same time. I was cleaning the pantry today and had lots of stuff out in the kitchen. Adam inadvertently left Henry's box of plastic cups on a chair right next to the cooler.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Henry march over to the box of cups, grab one and very casually fill it himself like he does this every day. Adam of course is shocked and lets him do it until he dumps it on the floor three or four times. Game over. He confiscates the cup and goes about his business. Henry didn't cry, he just walked over and just grabbed another cup.

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