Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We have recently started to be able to do more with Henry. For example, we can go to restaurants and be assured that he will act somewhat human and that we can find him something on most menus. We can bring him on longer car trips and even if he doesn't sleep he can sit for longer periods. We brought him to see the Thanksgiving balloons being blown up on Wednesday and he seemed to get it and have fun. We can even bring him shopping and he will sit in the cart or be content in the stroller or walking with you.

Whenever we are doing something fun, I always think why we haven't we done it sooner or more often. And then I remember various stages that he has gone through and am reminded why. For example, when he was an infant he would scream like he was being murdered whenever he was in his carseat. So, even though we are crazy first time parents, we have always had a kid that really didn't give an inch (but of course we love him!)

We were walking through Chinatown on Saturday night, having successfully finished an evening that didn't involve screaming, a kids menu, a high chair, sippy cups or special dishes or even a stroller. We didn't wake him from a nap and weren't rushing home for bed. I was very excited thinking of all of the things that we could do now. And then I remembered that we could do whatever we wanted with our newfound freedom...as long as we could squeeze it into the next two weeks! Ahh, reality...

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